Is our English Cream, she is a doll

Phoebe of Agelic Blessings, 
Black & Tan Silver Dapple.
She is our lover girl.

Sadie Sue, 
 Black & Tan Smooth Coat
 Sadie has an awesome
 Pedigree and a real sweetheart.

Penny Arcade,
She is our Chocolate & Tan Dapple.
She is full of life. 

Sophie Lou, 
 Long Hair Shaded Red. 

She is our hunter.
Clara Bell, 
Pure Chocolate Long Hair
 She is a sweety and lives for naps with her daddy.

Dressler's Isabella Norrise,
 she is the daughter of our Chloe & Charlie, a true English Cream. We call her Bella.  She has her fathers face & her mothers sweet disposition.

 Scarlet O'Hara 
She is a sweet Black & Tan Smooth