You can reserve your spot for pick of a certain color/coat/pattern/gender puppy with a $100 non refundable deposit. If the puppy you are wanting is not born your deposit is not lost, it is simply transferred to another litter that can produce the puppy you are wanting.  Once the puppy you are wanting is born, we will notify you

We will contact our waiting list in the order as we have received the deposit. Pictures of the puppies are posted to our website (usually within a couple of days of birth once we know puppies are all healthy and thriving) I will also send an email to the next on the waiting list once we know the sex & coat types of the puppies.

Below is the waiting list and any upcoming litters we are expecting.

Smooth Coats

Helen B ~ Smooth Dapple~ Either
Mark C ~ Female ~ Dapple ~ Smooth
Mark C ~ Male/Female Black & Tan, Smooth
Steven P ~Female ~ Dapple
Chris & Valerie ~ Male Dapple
Linda ~ Male ~ Dapple
Nancy W ~ Female ~ Smooth
Aaron W ~ Male ~ Smooth
Liz & Homer B ~ Female ~ Smooth
Jami & Karl M ~ Either Smooth
Corey M ~ Female ~ Either Coat
Lisa M & John ~ Female ~ Smooth Coat
Kiara H ~ Female ~ Smooth Coat
Jackie S ~ Female ~ Smooth Dapple
Shirley H ~ Male ~ Smooth Dapple
Mary D ~ Female ~ Smooth
Scott & Jennifer ~ Male ~ Smooth
Louie D ~ Male ~ Smooth
Ryan H ~ Female ~ Smooth

Long Hair

Ashley B ~ Male ~ Cream LH
Patricia M ~ Female ~ Long Hair
Jan M ~ Either ~ Long Hair

Sadie Sue & Peter Pan
Due Date: 2/7/20
Beckett & Ringo Star
Due Date: 2/12/20
Stella Jean & Ringo Star
Due Date: 2/21/20
Daxs & Peter Pan
Due Date: 3/8/20